Florida's 11 to Save
We rely on you to share the most endangered historic places in the state. The 11 to Save becomes the focus of our outreach and advocacy for the year


Each year, the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation announces its 11 to Save program as part of its Florida Preservation Conference. The program is designed to increase the public’s awareness of the urgent need to save Florida’s historic resources, and to empower local preservationists and preservation groups in their efforts to preserve Florida’s rich history. Inclusion on the Florida’s 11 to Save is a starting point for advocacy and education efforts, and are intended to be part of a collaborative effort to identify custom solutions for each property.

You can nominate a property for the 11 to Save at any time

The 2020 Florida's 11 to Save

This year’s list represents endangered historic resources in Florida’s Duval, Escambia, Lake, Manatee, Miami-Dade, Orange, Osceola, and Sarasota counties, covering hundreds of years of history and a variety of cultural resources.  

Read the press release for full details on each of the 2020 11 to Save.

Previous 11 to Save Lists

Interested in learning about the locations featured in previous years' 11 to Save lists? Please see previous years' press releases below for more detail. In 2017 the program underwent a name change to better reflect the action and collaboration we commit to the locations on the list. Note that for 2016 and earlier the list was called Florida's Most Endangered Historic Properties, which will be what is reflected in the earlier press releases.

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