Trustees Emeritus

An individual who has served as an officer of the Florida Trust or at least one full term as a Trustee may be elected by the Board of Trustees to be a Trustee Emeritus. The following individuals, shown with the date of approval, have been accorded this honor:

Bill Adams
Peggy Dodson
Bill Goza,
Barbara Hoffstot
Harry Piper
Blair Reeves
Herschel Shepard
Nancy Dobson
Carl Feiss
Bill Turnbull
Myrtice Craig
Joan Jennewein
Jean Bunch
Frank Perkins
Sallye Jude
Raymond Rose
Roy Hunt
Mary Barrow
Marty Grafton
Tim Blake
Jim Hartley
Frances Bourque
Kathleen Monahan
Don Slesnick
Ralph Johnson
Nancy Liebman
Mimi Reid Hardman
Ellen Uguccioni
Roy Eugene Graham
Leslee Keys, Ph.D.