Lunch & Learn: Cemetery Resource Protection Training

Tallahassee, Florida
FTHP Workshops

Starts: 12:00pm

12:00pm-1:00pm, Free and open to the public

Cemetery Resource Protection Training (CRPT)
Presenter: Barbara A. Clark, M.A., RPA
Florida Public Archaeology Network

The Cemetery Resource Protection Training workshop focuses on cemetery care and protection. We will explore cemeteries, as historical resources, laws that protect them, conserving headstone and markers, and managing cemetery landscapes. This series includes a short discussion on:

• Cemeteries as cultural resources • Managing historic cemeteries • Laws that protect marked and unmarked burials • Recording historic cemeteries for the Florida Master Site File • And more…
Florida Trust House, 906 E Park Avenue, Tallahassee 32301. Call to reserve your seat, 850-224-8128.