Endangered Historic Sites

2016 11-Most Endangered Historic Sites


The Florida Trust for Historic Preservation announced its 2016 Eleven Most Endangered Historic Sites at the Florida Trust’s 38th Annual Conference in Tallahassee. The announcement was made by Trustees Lorrie Muldowney and Rick Gonzalez during the Opening Session of the conference entitled Historic Preservation: A Capitol Idea! The conference celebrates the 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 with education workshops and tours of important historic resources in the greater Tallahassee region.

The Most Endangered Historic Sites program is designed to increase the public’s awareness of the urgent need to save Florida’s neglected or threatened historic resources. We do that to empower local preservationists and preservation groups in their efforts to preserve Florida’s rich history.

Click and read the press release at the bottom of this article that was issued statewide announcing the 11 Most Endangered Sites for 2016, and information about each site. A full list and photos will be available online at the Florida Trust website shortly after the annual conference is concluded.

2016 Endangered Sites Press Release