Endangered Historic Sites

Submit Information: Florida's 11 to Save (formerly 11-Most Endangered)

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Each year, the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation announces Florida’s 11 to Save as part of the Annual Statewide Preservation Conference. The 11 to Save program identifies larger trends and issues that threaten Florida’s historical and cultural resources, helps increase public awareness of the urgent need to save specific sites that are neglected or endangered, and empowers local preservationists, preservation groups, and others in their efforts to safeguard Florida’s rich history.

A jury of qualified volunteers who have proven expertise in the field of historic preservation and allied disciplines are selected to review and judge nominations for the Florida’s 11 to Save program. We welcome inquiries and nominations from a broad spectrum of sites across Florida. We also welcome thematic nominations that help bring attention to broader threats impacting the future of Florida’s historical and cultural resources. For example, changes in local, state, or federal policy that may impact certain types of sites or a type of resource that has not yet been recognized as historically or culturally significant. Examples of resources considered have included archaeological, Native American, places associated with architects, people, sports, art, music and theater, industrial, commercial and residential sites, historic roadways, and many more.

Nominations are open to the public. Complete our Call for Nominations which are now being accepted through noon on March 3, 2017. Updates and information are available through our website, emails and social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter. Click Join Our Email List to be added to a group email roster. Inquiries may also be made to the Florida Trust staff by phone, (850) 224-8128.