Endangered Historic Sites

Edna Pearce Lockett Homestead


Edna Pearce Lockett Homestead
Basinger, Florida (Highlands County)
Built 1897

Listed as a local historic landmark and on the National Register of Historic Places.

Located along the Kissimmee River, the nearly 17 acre site contains a house built by John Pearce in 1897, a 1900 schoolhouse, and several historic outbuildings and a family cemetery. The granddaughter of John Pearce, Edna Pearce Lockett, who was born in the house, took over management of the family property in 1925 and expanded the cattle ranch to some 10,000 acres. After becoming a successful and distinguished cattle rancher, Edna Pearce Lockett was the third woman elected to the Florida State Legislature. Her many accolades include the labeling of state raised beef as “Florida Beef” and the creation of the Highlands Hammock State Park.

The Edna Pearce Lockett Homestead is currently owned by the South Florida Water Management District. Previous attempts to sell the site have failed. With no occupant or use, the house and other buildings have fallen into a state disrepair. The Water Management District is again moving forward with efforts to attempt to sell the house and property.