Endangered Historic Sites

Victor Lundy's South Gate Community House


Built in 1956 and designed by renowned architect Victor Lundy from the Sarasota School of Architecture era, the building is divided into two main sections, a large rectangular auditorium and an arced, connected service wing. The structure of the auditorium is exposed laminated wood beams supported by wood columns at two sides with floor to ceiling glazing. The other two structural walls are brick. The arced wing is constructed of brick walls with a distinguished stepped in and out pattern. The roof is lower than the auditorium wing and Victor Lundy provided interesting details connecting the two wings.

There are a number of issues of concern at this time: ponding on the flat roof, rusting reinforcements in the arced brick wall causing the brick to crack and crumble. The air conditioning systems have been modified and added onto over the years and these alterations have affected the aesthetics of the building considerably.

In 2014 a group came together to create the non-profit, IRS 501©4 Foundation to Preserve Victor Lundy’s South Gate Community House, Inc. The Foundation’s next goal is to raise funds for a comprehensive study of the building by a team of architects and engineers with historic preservation expertise. With their help, the Foundation can then take the next steps to prioritize funding for future projects to preserve this special building.