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Florida Trust for Historic Preservation Presents our Insider's Tour: Tampa

Join us September 21-23, 2023

Join us on the Florida Trust's Insider’s Tour: Tampa and unlock the hidden treasures of this vibrant city!

From September 21-23, immerse yourself in Tampa's rich history, breathtaking architecture and diverse culture.

Insider's Tour Tampa.png

Highlights of the tour include:


  • J.C. Newman Cigar Factory: Stand in the rolling room in one of Ybor City's last remaining cigar factories! Feel the steam piped in to keep the tobacco leaves pliable and imagine the lectors telling stories, while you take an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at this remarkable, 100-year old cigar factory.

  • University of Tampa and H.B. Plant Museum: Explore the stunning University of Tampa campus and delve into the Gilded Age at the H.B. Plant Museum, housed in the opulent  former Tampa Bay Hotel.

  • Ybor City: Experience the vibrant heart of Tampa's Latin heritage in Ybor City, and have fun wandering through historic streets, visit quaint shops and savor the flavors of Cuban cuisine.

  • Water Taxi Tour: Glide along Tampa's picturesque waterways on a thrilling, exclusive water taxi ride. Marvel at the stunning skyline views and enjoy the gentle breeze as you explore the city from a unique perspective.

  • Columbia Restaurant: Indulge in a delectable dining experience at the legendary Columbia Restaurant, a Tampa institution serving authentic Spanish and Cuban cuisine since 1905

  • Expert Presentations: Engage with local experts who will enlighten you about Tampa's rich history, culture, and hidden gems. Gain valuable insights and insider knowledge that will deepen your appreciation for this remarkable city.

  • Special Tours: Enjoy exclusive access to behind-the-scenes tours, giving you a deeper understanding of Tampa's past and its impact on the present.


Don't miss this opportunity to be an insider on the Florida Trust's Insider’s Tour: Tampa. Register now and embark on an unforgettable journey through time, flavors and captivating stories.

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