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We Want to Know your Florida - Share your Preservation Stories

The Florida Trust is your nonprofit dedicated to preserving and protecting Florida’s unique historic places. We represent a big state full of different people, histories and unique stories. Do you have a Florida preservation story? We would love to hear your story and build our knowledge and understanding of our members.

Here are some ideas or points of interest:

* Successes, wins, losses and/or threatened historic sites, including structures, landmarks and archaeological sites

* Local preservation award winners and upcoming educational programs

* Inspirational stories related to historic preservation

* Governmental issues and updates as it relates to preservation and saving our sense of place

All of these stories will help build our knowledge of Florida’s historic places, and some may be shared in our publications or social media.

Here's how you can share your story: message the Florida Trust on Facebook, send email to or call us at (850) 224-8128.

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