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2017 Florida's 11 to Save

Florida Trust for Historic Preservation Announces 2017 Florida’s 11 to Save at the Florida Preservation Conference.

List spotlights the most threatened historic properties in the state, and drives the nonprofits education and advocacy initiatives for the year ahead

St. Petersburg, Fla, May 18, 2017 – The Florida Trust for Historic Preservation today announced the 2017 Florida’s 11 to Save, the most threatened historic properties in the state, at its Florida Preservation Conference.

This year’s list reflects historic resources in Florida’s Highlands, Indian River, Hillsborough, Alachua, Dade, Leon, Sarasota and Santa Rosa counties, as well as thematic listings that can found throughout the state.

Each year, the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation announces its 11 to Save program as part of its Florida Preservation Conference. The program is designed to increase the public’s awareness of the urgent need to save Florida’s historic resources, and to empower local preservationists and preservation groups in their efforts to preserve Florida’s rich history.

“This year’s list reflects Florida’s rich and diverse history,” said Clay Henderson, Florida Trust Board of Trustees President. “Those who love Florida have called for help protecting these special historic places, from pioneer-era to mid-century modern, from historic African American schools to downtowns, we are committed to protect our state’s extraordinary history and heritage.”

Download and read the full release here.

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