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DOUBLE MATCH! Your Year-End Donation is a DOUBLE Gift to Protect Florida's History and Heritage

The Florida Trust’s mission is to protect the historic places that make our state special. Your gift helps make that possible!

We can all make a difference in protecting Florida’s historic places and their unique stories. The Florida Trust is here to support you through providing the education and information you need in your community. We are here to support you as an advocate for historic preservation at the local, state and national level, seeking and supporting pro-preservation legislation and funding. We are here to share your stories and broaden the reach of the preservation community, welcoming new preservationists and lifting up many different voices and histories.

Your year-end gift will help us continue teaching, advocating and sharing, and thanks to a generous donor will be doubled!

It is through donations like yours we are able to focus on nurturing an inclusive, engaged preservation community. Please make a tax-deductible year-end gift to the Florida Trust and help us prepare for all the work to be done in 2020.


Please make your year-end donation now - and best wishes for a wonderful 2020!


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