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Florida Preservation News Roundup

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Here are the current historic preservation stories we're following from around the state:

• December 7, 2021: Submissions are open for the 10th Annual Addison Mizner Awards For Excellence In Classical And Traditional Architecture

• December 6, 2021: A variety of online courses are now offered by the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

• December 5, 2021: Rosenwald used retail riches to right wrongs

• December 1, 2021: Tickets are on sale for a re-enactment of "Killing Mr. Watson" at the historic Smallwood Store plus food, music, auction to benefit to benefit Save the Everglade City Bank.

• November 30, 2021: Tight-knit community and lessons of history found at Okahumpka Rosenwald School

• November 22, 2021: Okahumpka Remembers Julius Rosenwald’s Outreach to Black Americans

• October 15, 2021: A long neglected African American cemetery in Collier County receives renewed attention.

• October 5, 2021: Fort Lauderdale's historic Parker Playhouse has received an extensive renovation.

• October 2, 2021: A 1928 "Beaux Arts-inspired beauty" in downtown St. Petersburg receives new-found appreciation.

• October 1, 2021: Two Tallahassee organizations were recognized by Florida Trust for Historic Preservation.

• September 20, 2021: An incredible photo gallery of the soon-to-be-demolished Kellogg Mansion.

• September 16, 2021: The Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach has produced 18 videos spotlighting landmarked homes and buildings in town.

• September 15, 2021: A series of free preservation webinars will be offered by the Villagers Saving Places/Education Committee.

• September 14, 2021: New owners of the historic Beach Theatre in St. Pete Beach seek public input on its future

• September 13, 2021: An area of St. Petersburg known for the Sacred Lands Preserve has received a new state historic marker

• September 8, 2021: A 148-year-old Florida Keys lighthouse will be preserved

• September 3, 2021: Miami-Dade County’s tree canopy will be improved thanks to a Street Tree Matching Grant for its Perviz Street Tree Beautification Project

• September 3, 2021: Governor Ron DeSantis has appointed five individuals to the Florida Historical Commission, including past President of the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation Rick Gonzalez

• August 31, 2021: A St. Pete City Council-member seeks to withdraw discussion on Mirror Lake historic designation

• September 2, 2021: Al Capone's former south Florida home is slated for demolition

• August 18, 2021: A historic Tampa cigar factory with iconic clock tower gets a second lease on life as a restaurant and bar

• August 12, 2021: Newtown museum pitched as cultural catalyst: Plans for a proposed African American art center and history museum in Sarasota have been revealed

• August 11, 2021: Bringing New Port Richey’s Hacienda Hotel back to its old glory

• August 11, 2021: Tallahassee organizations recognized by Florida Trust for Historic Preservation

• August 10, 2021: Florida Trust for Historic Preservation honors St. Augustine for protecting city's history

• August 9, 2021: Pensacola exhibit unlocks local LGBTQ+ history and sheds light on dark chapter

• August 6, 2021: The (possibly haunted) central Florida Victorian home used in the film My Girl has been listed for sale

• August 3, 2021: Props to Brooksville Main Street! Awards and accolades for the Brooksville Main Street program are shared

• August 1, 2021: Film producer wants to replace historic house in Miami Beach

• July 29, 2021: Florida Man Teaches Me a Lesson: Preservationist Jeff Siegler explores the struggles and triumphs of preservation advocacy in the sunshine state

• July 7, 2021: Renovate Historic Stanton: Fundraising is underway to preserve African American history and restore the birthplace of “Lift Every Voice and Sing”

• June 22, 2021: New Port Richey gets ready for a downtown renaissance

• June 18, 2021: Old Fidelis school building in Jay, built in 1925, could get million-dollar renovation

• June 15, 2021: Prehistoric Native American Artifacts Discovered in Miami at Location for Planned Brickell High-Rise

• June 9, 2021: U.S. Senate designates Pulse nightclub as a national memorial; bill headed to President Biden’s desk

vJune 3, 2021: Secretary of State Laurel M. Lee Announces Statewide Historic Preservation Survey

• May 22, 2021: Remembering Sarasota’s Overtown District: A mural project is helping to preserve the memory of an early Black community

• May 19, 2021: Residents of Coconut Grove hoping to save 112-year-old home from wrecking ball

• May 16, 2021: It’s a new day in old Overtown. Miami’s original Black district is making a comeback

• May 4, 2021: Tampa Bay’s ‘Kellogg Mansion,’ once owned by the famed cereal tycoon, will soon be torn down

• May 4, 2021: Florida bill to help protect Black cemeteries heads to DeSantis

• April 28, 2021: ‘Miami Vice’ Was So Influential It Protected the Florida City’s Art Deco Buildings: Did the popular TV show really impact historic preservation?

• April 27, 2021: Miami-Dade Superintendent stands up for kids and against developers who disrespect schools: Comments come in the wake of controversy on a proposed gas station at the entrance to a site recognized by the Florida Trust #11toSave program.

• April 23, 2021: LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Good News on SB 1146 & SB284, African-American cemeteries and St. John's County: We are excited to share multiple pieces of positive legislative news.

• April 22, 2021: Developer restores 1950 Modernist building in Delray: A building recognized by the Florida Trust for its adaptive reuse is now being utilized as office space (paywall).

• April 20, 2021: Historic ‘haunted’ 1928 jail for sale in Florida for $140,000: Possible uses for the property are eerily unknown.

• April 17, 2021: History board has major issues with proposed land-use rules: Changes may be underway that will impact how historic preservation shapes Venice, Florida.

• April 16, 2021: Coalition Announces Second Annual ‘Six to Save’ Program: Nominations are open for Sarasota's historic preservation advocacy program.

• April 15, 2021: Abandoned cemeteries task force bill clears final House committee: A bill which will advance the issue of many unattended African American cemeteries in Florida has advanced.

• April 14, 2021: Preservation society gets keys to Collier County's first bank; contents to be sold at rummage sale: A National Register and former #11toSave site has been turned over to a local preservation group.

• April 9, 2021: Edible Northeast Florida: Don't miss "Preserving Northeast Florida's Gullah Geechee Heritage" and "New Life for Old Buildings."

• April 8, 2021: West Palm Beach honors gay bar as a landmark site of historic interest: An iconic site is placed on the Register of Historic Places.

• April 7, 2021: Miami mayor’s veto of controversial Grove Playhouse redo overturned by judicial panel: The latest development on this long-standing issue.

• April 7, 2021: St. Petersburg historic church-turned-home set to sell for $1.3 million: Read more about a notable real estate transaction.

• April 6, 2021: New Life for Old Buildings Historic preservation is on the menu at local food and beverage businesses: Florida Trust for Historic Preservation Vice President Jenny Wolfe reflects on the multi-faceted value of historic preservation.

• April 5, 2021: Preserving African American Places: Growing Preservation's Potential as a Path for Equity: A new report explores this critical topic.

• April 1, 2021: Demolition of Paul Rudolph’s Delray Beach home takes city officials by surprise: Unpermitted work on a historic home has created a stir.

• March 29, 2021: Nautical shades of Le Corbusier: The Reef brought International Style to island in 1935: An exploration of the iconic east coast building.

March 27, 2021: FLORIDA BUILDINGS I LOVE: No. 77: Nokomis Beach Plaza, 1955, Casey Key: A love letter to a minimalist mid-century structure.

• March 25, 2021: Developers Defeat Residents: Miracle Mile Up-Zoned: Ongoing coverage of a hot-button Coral Gables zoning issue.

• March 24, 2021: A developer buys a 69-year-old vacant church in El Portal. Will its fate change? After a $5 million sale, questions linger over the future of a historic Miami property.

• March 22, 2021: OPINION: The Time Is Now To Make Miracle Mile An Official Local Historic Landmark: Supporters detail the initiative to designate a local historic landmark.

• March 18, 2021: Historic West Palm bank is being converted to the coolest looking 7-Eleven: Click here to view the design.

• March 16, 2021: 'Sometimes the answer is to do nothing': unflashy French duo take architecture's top prize: The importance of preserving architecture is eloquently laid out.

• March 4, 2021: Keep St. Petersburg Special Community Character Master Plan Charter Proposal: A once in a decade opportunity to make your voice heard.

• March 2, 2021: Women’s History Month Events in Central Florida Women’s History Month: Here’s a guide to events happening across Central Florida to celebrate Women's History Month

• March 1, 2021: Women’s History Month Events in South Florida: Celebrate Women’s History Month With Several Events Across South Florida

• February 26, 2021: Supporting Historic Sacred Places to Promote the Common Good: Grant funds for historic houses of worship are available.

• February 24, 2021: Backing Historic Small Restaurants: Grant funds for historic small restaurants are available.

• February 19, 2021: Cemetery Project Teaches Students About Lost African American History: Tampa Bay area students are exploring community history via African American cemeteries.

• February 19, 2021: Power Boats and Paint Cans: In Miami, a Relic of a Marina Finds New Life, Again: Sports Illustrated profiles an iconic Miami stadium that preservationists have worked to revive for years

• February 18, 2021: February 2021 Update: City approves relocation of Shell Dash Cottage: Exciting news from St. Petersburg.

• February 11, 2021: The Smokey Hollow Community Historic American Landscapes Survey: An illuminating piece touches on the Historic American Landscapes Survey.

• February 12, 2021: Black History Month: We must remember our common history: An op-ed with a timely reminder: “American history cannot be told without African American history.” The same can be said of Florida history.

• February 11, 2021: Cheap old homes draw U.S. millennials escaping pandemic cages: Have you seen this trend in Florida?

• February 10, 2021: Downtown Melbourne car wash proposal rejected next to Riverview Village neighborhood: Plans to build a carwash next to a historic property in Melbourne have been rejected as “not compatible.”

• February 5, 2021: "Mimi Hardman Collections and Research Center Dedicated": A newly-restored 1916 freight station has been dedicated in honor of a renowned preservationist and past board member of the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation.

• February 2, 2021: "Four Palm Beach houses saved because of new 'historically significant' designation": New zoning classifications designed to give homeowners pause before tearing down homes in historic districts appear to have been successful.

• February 1, 2021: 777 International Mall: A fascinating history of a recently-closed iconic Miami structure that has served a variety of uses.

• February 1, 2021: "Historic Church Leans Closer to its Demise in Florida"

A 19th century Florida church located in what is today a "ghost town" is lovingly documented and photographed; it is slated to be torn down.

• January 25, 2021: "Proposed Rule Changes Threaten National Register of

Historic Places Nominations"

After thousands of preservationists raised the alarm when potentially harmful regulatory changes to the National Register of Historic Places were proposed, it was announced that they will not be implemented.

• January 24, 2021: "What will happen to Mai-Kai, a piece of South Florida history?"

An iconic and historic Florida restaurant property may be sold or change operators in the near future.

• January 24, 2021: "Preservation Association Acquires Historic Pacetti Hotel"

The Hunter Foundation has provided a grant to preserve, restore, rehabilitate, and develop the historic Pacetti Hotel into a museum, event venue, and public space which will honor philanthropist Constance D. Hunter.

• January 19, 2021: "Venice beachfront home once owned by ‘Black Stallion’ author Walter Farley is sold"

One of our 2020 #11toSave sites has been listed for sale, calling into question its future.

• January 11, 2021: "I continue to love my City Beautiful and give back as much as possible"

An "accidental preservationist" has written a compelling op-ed detailing their path to work to protect the historic character of Coral Gables.

• January 9, 2021: "Award-winning lakefront garden opens for pandemic-delayed tour"

Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach's Lesly S. Smith Landscape Award winner Kit Pannill has resumed much-anticipated garden tours.

• January 8, 2021: "The Historic Mount Carmel Baptist Church rehabilitation is on the table"

The University of Florida Historic Preservation Program is assisting with a two to three year rehabilitation of a historic 1946 church.

Older preservation news:

• December 24, 2020: "Florida tribes ‘deeply appalled’ by wetlands deal"

An agreement related to development of sensitive Florida lands has raised red flags among environmentalists and Florida tribes.

• December 11, 2020: "How did a historic Gables property donated for affordable housing become a gas station?"

Uncertainty regarding the future of this site mirrors concerns frequently faced by preservationists throughout the state.

• December 7, 2020: "Big win in #NoMoreStolenAncestors fight"

Policy changes at the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History has implemented policy changes that open the door for the return of human remains and sacred objects.

• November 15, 2020: "Parliament House will be razed — but iconic sign saved"

The distinctive sign of an iconic Orlando LGBTQ business will be preserved.

• November 14, 2020: "Teacher is adding Black cemeteries to history lessons"

New lesson plans use Black cemeteries to acknowledge important contributions of early residents.

• November 14, 2020: "EDITORIAL: Incentives key to historic preservation"

An op-ed discusses the important tax breaks and other benefits which can encourage preservation.

• November 9, 2020: "Volusia sites join 6 St. Johns County sites on National Register"

Two sites in Volusia County have been nominated for the National Register of Historic Places.

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