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Florida Preservation News Roundup

Here are the current historic preservation stories we're following from around the state:

February 5, 2021:

"Mimi Hardman Collections and Research Center Dedicated"

A newly-restored 1916 freight station has been dedicated in honor of a renowned preservationist and past board member of the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation.

February 2, 2021: "Four Palm Beach houses saved because of new 'historically significant' designation"

New zoning classifications designed to give homeowners pause before tearing down homes in historic districts appear to have been successful.

February 1, 2021: "Historic Church Leans Closer to its Demise in Florida"

A 19th century Florida church located in what is today a "ghost town" is lovingly documented and photographed; it is slated to be torn down.

January 25, 2021: "Proposed Rule Changes Threaten National Register of

Historic Places Nominations"

After thousands of preservationists raised the alarm when potentially harmful regulatory changes to the National Register of Historic Places were proposed, it was announced that they will not be implemented.

• January 24, 2021: "What will happen to Mai-Kai, a piece of South Florida history?"

An iconic and historic Florida restaurant property may be sold or change operators in the near future.

• January 24, 2021: "Preservation Association Acquires Historic Pacetti Hotel"

The Hunter Foundation has provided a grant to preserve, restore, rehabilitate, and develop the historic Pacetti Hotel into a museum, event venue, and public space which will honor philanthropist Constance D. Hunter.

• January 19, 2021: "Venice beachfront home once owned by ‘Black Stallion’ author Walter Farley is sold"

One of our 2020 #11toSave sites has been listed for sale, calling into question its future.

• January 11, 2021: "I continue to love my City Beautiful and give back as much as possible"

An "accidental preservationist" has written a compelling op-ed detailing their path to work to protect the historic character of Coral Gables.

• January 9, 2021: "Award-winning lakefront garden opens for pandemic-delayed tour"

Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach's Lesly S. Smith Landscape Award winner Kit Pannill has resumed much-anticipated garden tours.

• January 8, 2021: "The Historic Mount Carmel Baptist Church rehabilitation is on the table"

The University of Florida Historic Preservation Program is assisting with a two to three year rehabilitation of a historic 1946 church.

Older preservation news:

• December 24, 2020: "Florida tribes ‘deeply appalled’ by wetlands deal"

An agreement related to development of sensitive Florida lands has raised red flags among environmentalists and Florida tribes.

• December 11, 2020: "How did a historic Gables property donated for affordable housing become a gas station?"

Uncertainty regarding the future of this site mirrors concerns frequently faced by preservationists throughout the state.

• December 7, 2020: "Big win in #NoMoreStolenAncestors fight"

Policy changes at the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History has implemented policy changes that open the door for the return of human remains and sacred objects.

• November 15, 2020: "Parliament House will be razed — but iconic sign saved"

The distinctive sign of an iconic Orlando LGBTQ business will be preserved.

• November 14, 2020: "Teacher is adding Black cemeteries to history lessons"

New lesson plans use Black cemeteries to acknowledge important contributions of early residents.

• November 14, 2020: "EDITORIAL: Incentives key to historic preservation"

An op-ed discusses the important tax breaks and other benefits which can encourage preservation.

• November 9, 2020: "Volusia sites join 6 St. Johns County sites on National Register"

Two sites in Volusia County have been nominated for the National Register of Historic Places.

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