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Florida Women Who Have Made History: Henrietta Dozier

Updated: Mar 20

"How did I happen to take up architecture - an unusual occupation for a woman? Well, even in my childhood I wanted to study architecture, and have drawn plans since I was seven. In fact, when I was just a little tot I used to draft patterns for doll dresses for my own and the neighbor children’s dolls. So it seemed the natural thing when I reached the age to decide what my life work was to be, to select architecture as a vocation.”

- Henrietta Dozier, 1939

In a life that included many superlatives, Henrietta Dozier may be best known as the first female architect in Jacksonville, Florida (as well as in Georgia, where she also resided for a time). Despite having to obfuscate her gender at times, she designed churches, apartment buildings, homes, and government buildings, leaving her legacy on the built environment and paving the way for female architects to come.

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