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What’s the bold print of the Florida Historic Tax Credit? Grab your lunch and learn with us!

The Florida Trust is hosting a free webinar to share information on the Main Street Tourism and Historic Revitalization Act on Thursday February 24th at 11:30 a.m. EST.

poster with image of the speakers and summary of the webinar program

The positive feedback we are hearing and the forward momentum in the Florida Legislature for the Florida Historic Tax Credit is growing, and we could not be more excited! Please join us to learn more in a live webinar panel with our advocates on Thursday, February 24, 2022, beginning at 11:30 a.m. Registration is free and open to all: REGISTER HERE FOR FREE WEBINAR

Our panel includes the following speakers:

Renee Kuhlman, National Trust for Historic Preservation, one of our key partners through this process will share with us an overview of the federal historic tax credit. The Florida Tax Credit is designed to be paired with the federal historic tax credit so state officials can maintain the same process already in place. She will also talk about success stories from other states and how tax credits incentivize preservation.

Richard Sidebottom, MacRostie Historic Advisors, is a practitioner experienced in applying state and federal tax credits in states where there already is a state historic tax credit. He has provided guidance to the Florida Trust along the way to help us develop a framework for the tax credit.

W. Robert Lay, Sixty West, is also a practitioner in the use and syndication of state and federal tax credits which generates a market for historic preservation through tax incentives. He will add to the conversation on the developer’s perspective of preservation tax credits.

Mark Zubaly, Florida Trust for Historic Preservation Government Affairs Chair, is the leading Florida Trust board member that is guiding us through the legislative process. Years in the making, he is bringing this dream to reality by connecting us with a senate and house sponsor and following the bill through each committee.

Featured as a lunch and learn, we hope you can take a lunchbreak with us to listen and ask questions. We will also find out about the current status of the legislative process and what you can do to support this proposal. We especially encourage other tax incentive based developers, real estate brokers and attorneys, and financial advisors to listen in because you will be the ones helping property owners realize the financial benefit if this bill passes.

The bill would provide a 20% tax credit for eligible historic properties being restored and a 30% tax credit for those properties in a Florida Main Street designated area. Properties must be income producing properties which includes both commercial businesses and residential uses that generate income.

The bill was first sponsored by Rep. Michelle Salzman for House Bill 247 and followed by Sen. Ana Maria Rodriquez for Senate Bill 1310. Outspoken supporters of the bill include the City of Orlando, the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, Jackson County Economic Development, Main Street Marianna, and 1000 Friends of Florida. We thank all of our supporters and co-sponsors that are making history for Florida’s special historic places!

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