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2022 Florida Preservation Awards
Nominations are open to recognize special preservationists and preservation projects during the Secretary of State Awards event at Preservation on Main Street 


Do you know an outstanding historic preservationist, organization, program or preservation achievement that has made a significant impact in preserving Florida’s history and heritage? The Florida Trust for Historic Preservation would like to recognize these people and achievements at the prestigious 2022 Florida Preservation Awards, which will this year be part of the Secretary of State Awards during the 2022 Florida Preservation on Main Street Conference in DeLand. 

More about the awards is included in the nomination packet.

Deadline has been extended to March 21, 2022.

Awards process: 

Step One:

Fill out the quick nomination form below.

Step Two:

We will follow up with the nominator with a link to the google drive, where they will upload additional information about the packet.

Step Three:

The Awards committee will review nomination packets and determine winners.

Step Four: 

Winners will be notified in advance of the Awards Ceremony, which is Thur., July 28, at Preservation on Main Street in DeLand. 

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