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Trustee Emeritus

Those who have served on the Florida Trust Board of Trustees as an officer, and whose extraordinary contributions strengthened the organization.

Bill Adams
Peggy Dodson*
Bill Goza*
Barbara Hoffstot*
Harry Piper
F. Blair Reeves*
Herschel Shepard
Nancy Dobson*
Carl Feiss*
William Turnbull
Myrtice Craig*
Joan Jennewein*
Jean Bunch
Frank Perkins*
Sallye Jude*
Raymond Rose
E. L. "Roy" Hunt
Mary Barrow*
Martha P. Grafton*
Tim Blake
Jim Hartley
Frances Bourque
Kathleen Monahan
Don Slesnick II
Ralph Johnson
Nancy Liebman
Mimi Reid Hardman*
Ellen Uguccioni
Roy Eugene Graham*
Leslee Keys, Ph.D.

Bert Bender

Clay Henderson

Rick Gonzalez, AIA

* Deceased

Founding Members & Trustee Emeritus

Founding Members


In 1976 a group of preservationists joined together to rescue the Old Florida State Capitol as part of the nation’s bicentennial celebration. Two years later, this group of dedicated citizens, having recognized the importance of Florida’s architectural, archaeological and cultural heritage, formally established a statewide historic preservation organization: the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation.

William Adams
Hibbard Casselberry*
Nancy Dobson*
Carl Feiss*
Martha P. Grafton*
E. L. “Roy” Hunt
Joan Jennewein*
Sallye Jude*
Connie Loucks
Frances MacIntyre
Ross Morrell*
F. Blair Reeves*
Herschel Shepard, Jr.
William Turnbull

* Deceased

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