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Historic Property Stewardship
One of the three main drivers of our mission is our role as stewards for historic properties throughout the state 


Florida Trust House

In 2005 the Florida Trust restored the Hays-Hood House, a historic home built in 1910 in the Magnolia Heights National Register District in Tallahassee. The Florida Trust House is the headquarters of the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, and a community resource showcasing our belief that historic preservation works best when what is preserved is used for the good of the community. Learn more.

Historic Preservation Easements

Conservation easements protect buildings and associated land areas from demolition or alteration which would damage their historic and architectural integrity. Owners can secure the preservation of their properties by donating a historic preservation conservation easement to the Florida Trust, which then acts as a steward of these rights.

The Florida Trust exercises its stewardship by ensuring the preservation of significant elements of the exterior, and at times, the interior of a building. An owner retains title and can sell, will, or live on the property. Alterations are permitted; however, they must meet preservation standards and be reviewed by the Florida Trust prior to initiation of work as per the easement agreement.

Learn more about our Easement Program.

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