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Historic Preservation Grants
Help us protect Florida's Historic Places
Ask Your Representatives to Fully fund Florida's Historic Preservation Grants

Showing your support for Florida's historic places is easy! Simply reach out to your representatives and share with them how important providing for Florida's history is to you.

Here are two easy steps you can take to contact your lawmakers:

  1. Call or email your state representative and senator.                                             Find their contact information here.

  2. Download our Florida Preservation Stories booklet to showcase projects in your area.

  3. Use our one-pager, or if you'd like, copy and paste the messaging and ask below.

Preservation Grant Messaging and Ask

You can copy and paste the message below to send as emails to your state representative and state senator. Or, if you would like, feel free to share your own message about why state funding to protect these historic places is important for our future.

Florida's historic preservation grant program gives historic places a future. I am asking you to support historic places in your community, and statewide, by fully funding the FY2025 Historic Preservation Special Category Grant list. 

Some of the places on the grant list we are asking you to fund include a 146-year-old life saving station for shipwreck survivors now in need of help to keep out the water, and a 98-year-old Theatre in Tampa that needs critical support to save its iconic features. Both of these places are on the FY2025 Special Category Historic Preservation Grant list, which, if funded, could provide a future for 36 important pieces of Florida's unique history. 

The purpose of these grants is to provide funding to assist major local, regional and state-wide efforts to preserve significant historic and archaeological resources, to assist major archaeological excavations or research projects and assist in the development and fabrication of major museum exhibits that will promote knowledge and appreciation of the history of Florida. The Florida Historical Commission reviews and ranks Special Category grants to create the annual list, which is then approved by the Florida Secretary of State before being sent to the legislature to determine funding.

This year, fully fund the Historic Preservation Special Category Grant list, and give Florida's historic places a future.

See all the FY2025 Historic Preservation Special Category Grant projects in our Florida Preservation Stories booklet.

2025 Special Category Grants Booklet Draft v4.png
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